Marine LED Lighting

Marine LED Lighting Solutions by HMB Marine Electrical

HMB Marine Electrcial is committed to bringing you the best quality lights available at competitive prices.
For Massive Power Savings, upgrade your existing lighting fittings to LEDs.
We stock a wide range of brands and products suitable for the marine environment.

Things to consider when purchasing LED lights

  1. A wide range of lighting styles are available, including flush mount, surface mount, reading lights, underwater lights, courtesy lights, strip lights, light bars, and pop-up lights
  2. LED Bulbs for most fittings are available either with side pins, baynet or festoon fittings.
  3. Most lights have colour options of either daylight, warm white or cool white
  4. Bi- colour models are also available.
  5. Many models are dimmable, with a range of dimmers available

Free Tip !! – poor quality LEDs can cause interference on your radio. If you have noise on your radio try turning off all the lights, it may be caused by poor quality LEDs. To fix or avoid such problems talk to the experts at HMB Marine Electrical.

Brands we supply:

Hella Marine Lighting | LEDs Unlimited | Quick Nautical | Lumitec | Cantalupi

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Contact us today to discuss with one of the HMB Marine Experts your lighting solution.