Most Aucklanders know that the Hauraki Gulf is some of the best boating in the world. How lucky we are to live in a location where such amazing boating is at your fingertips.

With so many islands, coves, and beaches, it is hard to know where the best spots are unless you’ve spent years exploring. So the HMB Marine Electrical team has put their brains together and agreed on some of the best places for you to check out.


1. The Bottom End of Waiheke Island

About 15 miles east of Auckland, the bottom end of Waiheke is beloved by the locals and, if often, a regular trip for regular boaties.

  • Man O’war bay is one of the highlights of Waiheke. Being on the far side, it’s often quiet so you can enjoy the sounds of native birds. Pohutukawa trees surround the cove, and best of all right on the beach is Man O’war vineyard, one of the most renowned vineyards on Waiheke.
  • Rotoroa Island, small enough to explore in a day, but you won’t be short of activities. From hiking and bird watching to sculpture walks and picnics. This little island has enough to keep everyone entertained and is a definite must-visit.
  • Fishing at the Muscle Farm. The muscle farm located off Cowes Bay Road is fantastic if you are into your snapper fishing. Make sure to take some beer down and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and perhaps a bbq to cook up your catch.

Dog Owners – Dogs are allowed on the beaches, and even the vineyard provided they are on a leash.


2. Rocky Bay, Waiheke IslandĀ 

The best thing about Waiheke is that large parts of the island remain undiscovered, and an example is Rocky Bay, a secluded bright blue bay on the southern side of the island. You can take a walk through the regional park on the Tara Hura walkway via the Cascade waterfalls to the Batch vineyard. The track, although gorgeous, is lengthy, so you earn that wine (or two) by completing it.

Around the corner from Rocky Bay, Kaukarau Bay is just as beautiful and attaches to the Kauakarau forest reserve, which has many walks through it aswell.

Dog owners- your pups are welcome at both of these bays so long as they are under control.


3. Kawau IslandĀ 

Often known as the jewel of the Hauraki Gulf, this remarkable island is 8kms off the coast about 45km north of Auckland. The island is home to a rich history and populated with many native birds, wallabies, and amazing peacocks.

Things to do include

  • Visiting the mansion house ($4)
  • Enjoy the multiple walking tracks ranging from 10mins to 2hours
  • Visit the historic copper mine and smelting house
  • Bird watching
  • Have a coffee and a bite at one of the three island cafes
  • Have a BBQ on the beach
  • Water activities! The beaches stunning and the water is clear
  • If you are lucky enough to stay overnight, Stargazing is incredible due to the lack of light. Sometimes even the water will show fluorescent

Dog Owners – The island is a sanctuary for native animals, dogs are not allowed to land